Michael Cooper


Welcome to the personal Web site of Michael Cooper. This is to represent the knowledge and beliefs I hold, and to provide those who are interested various windows onto me as a person. The site is organized into categories that seem appropriate to lead you through my interconnected world view. I am also using this site as a place to archive information that may be of use to somebody, someday.

The development of this site is likely to be organic. Currently available:

  • Armchair philosophy: thinking through issues of contemporary and personal philosophical and social interest;
  • Chocolate: details about working with chocolate;
  • About me (personal): basic personal facts for those who don't know me, and specifically personal content of the site;
  • About me (professional): basic information about my professional life;
  • Recipes: my collection of recipes. This contains the greatest volume of content so far;
  • Weblog: public diary of time-specific thoughts and events;
  • Writing: stuff I've written over the years.

For an explanation of the domain name, see Why "Aihal"?