Armchair Philosophy

This is my "armchair philosophy" section to think through my views on various topics. For me, the goal is to organize my thoughts, see inter-relationships among them, and clarify my thoughts and goals. For readers, this is an explanation of my current philosophical ideals.

Disclaimer: I do not have a formal background in many of the subjects and philosophies I explore. I am exploring things within the realm of my own knowledge. Readers may think I have missed important information or concepts. I acknowledge that and seek to increase my knowledge and evolve my views. That said, I cannot become expert in all the areas I discuss, but it is still meaningful for me to explore how those areas impact my life. If you have constructive criticism to offer, I look forward to seeing it on your own site, or you may contact me. I am not interested in managing a discussion board so have not opened comments on my site, but will be interested to be drawn to relevant polite discussion fora.