Personal Information

I live in Ottawa, Canada, and am a dual U.S. and Canadian citizen. I grew up outside of Denver, CO and studied music and psychology at the University of Denver. After a pause to figure out a meaningful career that didn't involve being a starting artist, I moved to Boston, MA to attend Harvard University Graduate School of Education. I stayed in Boston for work four more years before taking a job in Ottawa. While in Boston I took up running, because I was turning 30 and felt like I was turning 50. Previously I had preferred cycling but did not feel safe doing that in Boston traffic. After moving to Ottawa I increased my running and participated in some races. I also took up swimming for a few years. Clubs organized around these sports are a major way I have met people in Ottawa, though I no longer participate in the clubs themselves. To fill in my time I have experienced hobby proliferation, most of them organized around cooking and crafts. I like to know things are done and to be challenged to improve my skills. Things that continue to challenge me while showing steady improvement keep my attention the best.

More information about some of my activities: