I used to love swimming as a kid, and took all the lessons that were offered at the local pool. When I was 13, though, there were no further courses available until I turned 16, and by then other distractions took over. I didn't swim much again until I took a clinic with the Rideau Speedeaus in November 2005. I've been a regular swimmer since then. I also swim with Liquid Assets, Boston's GLBT swim team, when I am in town.

I started swimming this time initially as cross training for running. However, I've found the joy of it again and love doing it for its own sake. Swimming in a team is definitely a new experience. I still have a lot of muscle and skill development to do, but it gives me something to concentrate on.

Race times

Racing is a good way to push the limits and meet other swimmers.

Race time summary
Event Location Date Event Time
First World Outgames Montréal, QC August 2 and 3, 2006 50 metre breast 46.34
50 metre freestyle 27.27
Boston Tea Party Two Boston, MA May 6, 2006 50 meter breast 47.26
50 meter freestyle 42.30

Boston Tea Party Two, Boston

May 6, 2006. This was my first ever swim meet. I was intimidated about appearing in public in just a speedo, but soon learned to enjoy it. I discovered that I had been taking it entirely too easy on myself in practice and learned that I need to push myself harder. Although this event was hosted by Liquid Assets, I was not a member of the team at that time.

First World OutGames, Montreal

August 2 and 3, 2006. This was a cool event, gay people from all over the world descended, and at the swim meet they were all in speedos! The event itself was at the Olympic Stadium, so I swam in the same pool as the 1976 Olympic athletes! We had a few swimming with us in this event too.