• 1000 g currants
  • 700 g (750 ml) brandy
  • 450 g (approximately) sugar


  1. Sterilize a canning jar large enough to hold currants and brandy.
  2. Wash and stem currants, and remove mouldy ones.
  3. Run currants through the coarse disk of a food mill to mash. Do not use a food processor. This would break up the seeds and bring out their bitterness too much.
  4. Add currants and brandy to jar and seal.
  5. Store in a dark place at room temperature 5 months. Occasionally shake the contents gently.
  6. Sterilize a jelly bag and drain the mixture into a bowl.
  7. Move the mixture to a colander or cheese press with a collection bowl.
  8. Like pressing cheese, put a small amount of weight onto the mixture to press out more liquid. and add more weight each time the liquid stops running to press as much liquid as possible. Do not increase the weight too fast, which would press some solids into the liquid and make it cloudy.
  9. Optional: Reserve the solids and make jam by adding equal weight of sugar and some water.
  10. Weigh the liquid, and add sugar in the amount of 45% of the liquid weight. Stir well a few minutes to dissolve.
  11. Strain the liquid through a coffee filter.
  12. Bottle, seal, and mature another 2 months.

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